Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sweet Adelaide

Said farewell to Melbourne, and hello to Adelaide.  The weather in Melbourne was iffy -- rainy, then cloudy, then sunny, then rainy.  The weather here is wonderful - sunny, cool, just great.

This morning I talked to another high school, this one a college prep school on the University of Adelaide campus called the University Senior College.  They were fascinated with American politics.  I was introduced by a former student there who was born in Bosnia, and emigrated to Australia after the war there; she's now a sophomore at Flinders.  Small world: she's spent time in Des Moines, and thought it was quaint.  But cold.

Next was a lunch at Flinders University, where I saw Howard Schweber, my colleague who is the current Fulbright Distinguished Chair.  Talked about the election again (my presentations are becoming a kind of campaign stump speech, but since the audiences are new each time, it's all good).  Howard and I went back and forth during my speech, which surprised the audience, but I assured them that this was normal for us.  I am looking forward to his return, though he's going back to Astana (Kazakhstan) first.

Tonight a dinner, some time with Howard and his family, then off to Darwin in the morning.

So far, so good all around.


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