Monday, December 11, 2006

Farewell to Canberra

We leave Canberra tomorrow, for a week in New Zealand and a few days in Sydney. It's hard to believe that we're done (though we won't be back in Madison until January 4th). The kids had their going away parties on Friday, and will be very sad to leave the friends they have made. We're all a bit teary, and are extremely grateful for the hospitality and generosity people have shown to us. What an adventure.

So, thanks, John, Mark, Lyndell, Jo, Kate, Kate, Leigh, Beverly, Peggy, Andy, Margaret, Marion, Kim, Alastair, Heather, David, David, Allaster, Gracie, Kevin, Paula, Marilyn, Kathy, John, Bob, Annie, Kelly, Ebony, Ebony, Lucy, Patch, Pat, Kaitlin, Ad, Jacinta, Kenny, Stephen, Daniel, Sandy, Sonya, Kym, Trevlyn, Ximena, Scott, Aric, David, Micah, Louise, Amelia, Brandon, Brendan, Peter, Graeme, David, Carl, Don, John, Don, Surya, Lisa, Di, Fran, Alex, Jean, Howard, Leo, Larissa, Helen, Tracy, Veneeta, Sonya, Peter, Kristy, Kirsty, Justin, Jung, Ian, Marcus, Matt, Kevin, Sue, Robin, John, Sandy, Justin, Ambassador McCallum, Mrs. McCallum, Lindsay, Kat, Eric, Amos, Tim, Geralyn, Jeanette, Michael, Laura, Jody, Jonathan, and Devon.

Especially John and Mark.

I'm absolutely positive that I forgot someone, and plead jet lag. We've met so many wonderful folks that I just can't keep everyone straight.

We've told everyone we know in Australia that if they can get within 200 miles of Madison, we'll pick them up and bring them the rest of the way. We truly hope that we have a chance to repay all of the kindness that we have received here.

On to New Zealand!


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