Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Melbourne, Continued

On Tuesday, I also met with two civic groups in Melbourne.  The first was the Committee for Melbourne, which is concerned with issues related to livability.  They were enormously proud of the fact that a recent ranking of world cities ranked Melbourne as the most livable city, worldwide.

My last event was at a combined meeting of two groups, the Australian America Association, and Invest Victoria.  Invest Victoria is a business group dedicated to fostering business investment in the state.  I met a number of distinguished people, including the Chief Justice of the Victoria Supreme Court (Marilyn Warren).

On Wednesday, I did an interview on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation morning news show; the first thing they said to me was that I'd have to go to makeup (shiny head and all. . .).  The interview went well.

Three more events on Wednesday:  a talk at the Monash University Law School, lunch hosted by two governmental affairs companies, and then tea at the Consul General's home.  The CG's home is in the toniest neighborhood in Melbourne (and the second wealthiest in the country), where internet billionaires and mining magnates live.  It makes Beverly Hills look like a transitional area.

Then a flight to Adelaide (on QANTAS, with a hot meal served on the 1 hour flight).


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