Thursday, September 21, 2006


Had a wonderful adventure today in Melbourne. We were on a tram to the suburbs, trying to find a factory outlet shopping mall (Susan wanted to get some things for the kids, and the pickings in Canberra are pretty slim). A woman saw me fumbling with the map, and asked if she could help. When I told her where we were heading, she said "You'll need a ride once you get off the tram. I''ll take you there." We walked to her home, in a suburb called Mooney Place, and she invited us in for tea. all four of us. We met her dog, Toby (he was a bit cranky, having just been fixed). She then drove us to the outlet mall. She was utterly charming, and it was just extraordinary that we bumped into her. How often would that happen in New York City or Los Angeles? So, Paula, we thank you for your hospitality, and we hope to return the favor someday -- either when you visit Madison, or with some other random act of kindness.

Turns out the outlet was a bust -- not much there. But meeting Paula was more than worth the trip.


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