Friday, September 15, 2006

Question Time

Watched it in person on Thursday. It was a typical raucus atmosphere: lots of jeering and catcalls ("you're an insolent goose!"). A point of order was rased as to whether it was appropriate for members to listen to iPods when the government ministers are ansering questions (conclusion: no). One member got tossed out, presumably for talking like a disruptive 7th grader . It was pretty comical. The speaker was challenged on why, over previous months, he had kicked out 109 members of the opposition, against 4 of the government. It was the proverbial sausage factory.

The high (or low) point came when the speaker introduce a delegation of visitors from the Republic of Vietnam, who were in the gallery. They stood up, everyone applauded, and they must have been thinking, "we get to do this?"

The one advantage is that everyone speaks in complete sentences, which is not a skill that our national politicians are forced to develop. The lamest backbencher here sounds like a goddam poet compared to the best that the U.S. Congress has to offer. But they attack each other like schoolyard rivals. At least the insults are funny.

Sausage factory, indeed.


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