Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Great Wall of Rabbits

Our favorite Australian television commercial is for broadband internet. A cute kid in the backseat of a car, doing a homework assignment, obviously writing on a map of China. The kids looks up, all bright eyed and alert, and asks

"Dad, why did they build the Great Wall of China?"

Dad, has no idea, and after a painful pause and a look like he wanted to jump out, came up with
"That was during the time of the uh great emperor Nasi Georing, and it was, eh, to keep the . . . . . . . rabbits out. To many rabbits. In China,"

Kid: with a look that of "huh, never knew that,"

Cut to the next day. Kid at front of the room. Teachers voice: Today, Timmy is going to give us his report on China.

I think it's just hysterical. Probably will sell alot of broadband, too.


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