Saturday, September 30, 2006

Go West Coast Eagles!

Watched the grand final of the Aussie Football League today on TV, with the Sydney Swans against the West Coast (Perth) Eagles. The Eagles jumped out to a huge lead, but in the second half Sydney kept chipping away, until they got within one point. The Eagles would pull away, and Sydney would again come within a point. Then again. At the siren, the Eagles won, 85-84, in the closest football final since 1966. It was really exciting (even Susan got into it a bit, though she'll never admit it). This would be like a Super Bowl where one team led 24-3 at the half, only to hold on at the end, 31-30.

Tickets to the game were going for thousands of dollars, even though scalping is illegal in Victoria.

American football never really caught on here as a spectator sport. It started to get traction in the 90s, until some kind of exhibition game was held. When people realized that everyone just stands around most of the time -- George Will once described football as combining the two worst aspects of American culture: violence interrupted by committee meetings -- that was it. Well, that plus maybe Terrell Owens.


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