Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Einstein Factor

There's a quiz show on Australian television, called "The Einstein Factor." The contestants are complete nerds, and the questions so obsure that it reminded me of the ridiculously arcane questions from the move "Quiz Show" (about the "21" game show scandal of the 1950s). Each contestant announces a topic, from which the questions are drawn. The easiest ones for me are about American politics (duh), but I seriously doubt I would get a single correct answer for topics like Phar Lap (the best-known Australian race horse), the History of the Eurovision Song Contest, or King Sargon of Assyria (721-705 BCE). I love how they put the dates on the Sargon questions, as if people would get confused about which King Sargon they were asking about.

How many of these questions did you get right? Anyone? Dad?
1. Harry S. Truman was born on the 8th of May in what year?
2. In 1909 at Grandview, Truman was initiated into what secret society?
3. Truman commanded a World War I artillery unit in which country?
4. Truman attended artillery school and regimental school in Oklahoma at Camp what?
5. During the Korean War, Truman replaced General Douglas MacArthur as Allied commander with whom?
6. Harry S. Truman held the position of judge for which American county?
7. In what year did Truman join the National Guard?
8. Taking lessons in his youth, what musical instrument did Harry Truman play?
9. In 1948, which newspaper was so confident that Truman had lost the presidential election that it famously went to press with the headline “Dewey Defeats Truman”?
10. How many electoral votes did Harry Truman gain when he won the 1948 American presidential election?
11. Born Elizabeth Virginia Wallace, Truman’s wife was better known by what shorter first name?
12. How many children did Harry and Elizabeth Truman have?
13. Serving from 1949 to 1953, who was Truman's vice president?
14. Which five star general served terms as both Secretary of State and Secretary of Defence under Truman?


Anonymous Dad said...

I would have to get out my old college term paper on Truman, or Google him, to get an A, but I think I can get a few of them from memory:

5. Matthew Ridgway
8. Piano
9. Chicago Tribune
11. Bess
12. One, Margaret
13. Alben Barkley (the Veep)
14 George Marshall, although in this country it was spelled Defense. How long have you been Down Under?

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