Sunday, October 29, 2006


Two things.
(1) we switched to daylight savings time here, only we went forward one hour (instead of back, as in the U.S.). That means the time difference between Canberra and Madison is now, um, well, let's see, we were at GMT+10, and Madison at GMT - 5, and now we're at GMT + 11 and GMT-6 so that's 17 hours, but we're on the other side of international date line, so we subtracted 12 and added three, and now we subtract 12 and add 1, so that means that it's always 11:00AM in Madison. My nephew Mayer says he "doesn't get" this time difference stuff. I'm with youthere, buddy.

(2) My bad: there actually was another King Sargon (around 2300BC). Aren't blogs educational? You think you're here for travel, you wind up learning about Assyrian history.


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