Sunday, August 27, 2006

Adventures in Sydneysitting

Drove to Sydney on Friday, in terrible weather. Rainy, with very low visibility, in the dark. We almost turned around about 100 km in, but decided to press on.

We were warned that Sydney is not an easy driving city; the downtown is a warren of narrow streets, many one way, with lots of dead-ends and unsigned intersections. We got hopelessly lost, and pulled off to a side street to ask for directions.

Just my luck: the guy we asked was not at all fond of Americans. He did have a forceful suggestion for where we could go and what we could do to ourselves once we got there, but it really wasn't very helpful. At least, from that point, the kids got a kick out of pretending to be Canadian.

On Saturday, we went to the Aquarium; it's an amazing place, with special exhibits on the Great Barrier Reef, sharks, and tropical ecosystems. It's huge. Susan got some great shots.

A moon jellyfish:

The main tank (that's Adam):

And sharks (Adam took this one, in a tunnel under the shark tank). I think this is the business end of a grey shark.


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