Thursday, August 17, 2006


We miss alot of things from our home, but here's what we miss the most:

Ruby is being tended to two by wonderful people, Peg and Norm,who love dogs and wanted some company. As you can see, this is clearly the worst possible environment for a dog: devoted caretakers, romps along lake michigan, chasing every forest critter than crosses her path, an endless supply of chewy sticks -- and not the low-rent rawhide kind -- she has the real chewy sticks, the kind that come directly off of chewy trees.

She'll never want to come home. . .


Anonymous Grandma said...

Hi guys,

Your commentary is so interesting and humerous and, Susan, the pictures are so wonderful. Hope you are planning a book, you two. Dad and I try to log on every day and look forward to reading the next adventure of the badgers down under.

Mom, Grandma, Judy

10:45 AM  

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