Saturday, July 29, 2006


Australia plays New Zealand in an international rugby match tonight. The New Zealand national team does a warm up dance before each game, called a "haka." It's baasd on traditional Maori dances, and some versions include a throat slashing gesture. The routines are designed to be intimidating, and they are pretty powerful.

New Zealand's team is considered one the best in the world (it is 10-0 over the past 2 years), and the players look like they would be at home in the NFL as linebackers and safeties: massive shoulders, no necks, huge biceps, no waists, whippet fast.

You know when people criticize football, claiming that it's just a bunch of guys running around? That's what rugby looks like to me. Except that it's a bunch of guys running around pounding the crap out of each outher and jumping into huge piles. No, wait. I guess it is just like football.


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