Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Australian Rules Football

The rules, from Wikipedia:

"Both the ball and the field of play are oval in shape. No more than 18 players of each team are permitted to be on the field at any time. Up to four interchange (reserve) players may be swapped for those on the field at any time during the game. There is no offside rule nor are there set positions in the rules—unlike many other forms of football—players from both teams disperse across the whole field before the start of play.

Games are officiated by umpires. Unlike other forms of football, Australian football begins similarly to basketball. After the first siren, the umpire bounces the ball on the ground, and the two ruckmen (typically the tallest man from each team), battle for the ball in the air on its way back down. . . "

Full rules here

OK, quiz time:
(1) How would you explain the rules of baseball in the same number of words? Could you?
(2) Are the rules of American football more sensible compared to this, or less? Explain your answer.


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