Saturday, May 26, 2012


Sydney is beautiful (the city is nice, too).  Beautiful weather, the harbor, all of the things that  captivated us during our time here.

Small world story: after my Planet America interview, an American who has lived here for 30 years emailed me, asking if I wanted to meet.  I wound up meeting two people, Jeff Young and Carl Peterson, who came over in the early 1980s for work.  Jeff is from Des Moines, and Carl is from Green Bay.  Carl's son Greg  plays professional rugby, and there was a game today.  He's 6' 9"", about 270 pounds, and has a couple of offers to play college football (Indiana, but still).  I went to the game, and learned a lot about it.

Met a man named Colin Scotts, who played professionally with Arizona and Houston from 87-91:

And Carl (one of the two men) had a dog, a chocolate lab named Mars (think about it):

Carl has a beautiful house near Manley Beach, right on the water.  They took me out to a sushi restaurant, where we had an incredible meal.

What are the chances?


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